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Next-Generation Data Center with Pure Storage and Rubrik

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Pure and Rubrik have revolutionized the industry by changing the overall customer experience. Infrastructure solutions of the past are complex and inefficient. They lacked scalability and consistency to deliver what today’s applications require. And their costs continued to skyrocket.

At Pure we focused on making our solution simple and easy to deploy, developed highly efficient software with inline dedupe and compression to enable disk to be easily replaced with all flash. But we didn’t stop there, we changed the customer experience around consumption of storage with Evergreen Storage. Net net, is our maintenance that never goes up (it can only go down), you get free controllers every three years, all features included, never buy the same capacity again. Imagine a world of never rebuying the same storage array every 3- 5 years, never needing to migrate, and never taking a downtime again. That world exists with Evergreen Storage. Sounds too good to be true, check out more information.

Pairing Pure with Rubrik, you get a simple and intuitive next generation data center that removes bottlenecks and enables massive efficiency to reduce costs. The solutions are so simple together, you can be up in running within the day and ready to rock. Front end applications get consistent high performance and an awesome cost model, and backups get optimized to remove bottlenecks and complexity.

At Pure we have two solutions, which enable flash to be deployed across the enterprise. FlashArray is our all flash block product and FlashBlade is our next generation file and object solution. Both companies are very API oriented. We provide an REST API for our ecosystem to develop solutions. On the FlashArray for example, we have a highly efficient snapshot solution for application recovery and replication. Rubrik integrates with our REST API to leverage our snapshot technology to dramatically improve data protection performance. The net result easy policy driven data management that gives users multiple consistent point in time copies, with file level granularity, with no application timeouts or impact. This integration also includes FlashBlade giving you functionality for backup, disaster recovery, replication, and data archival to private or public cloud.

Want to learn more?!  Click on the Pure and Rubrik joint solution videos below!

Rubrik and FlashArray: SQL Server Use Case Overview

Rubrik and FlashArray: Virtualization Use Case Overview & Demo

Rubrik and FlashBlade: Joint Solution Overview

Rubrik and Pure Storage: Field CTO Partnership Chat

Both Pure and Rubrik are 100% channel companies. Rubrik is a no-brainer solution to pair with Pure for any infrastructure. Please check our joint solution whitepaper for more information, or reach out to us for more details.

Until next time, stay flashy my friends.